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C.Y.S.L. offers refereeing opportunities to both adults and older kids who enjoy the game of soccer. It is a great way to expand your soccer knowledge, earn some money and be apart of the game. C.Y.S.L. referees receive training and certification prior to becoming a ref, as well as continuing training and re-certifications afterwards. If you are over 14 years old and would be interested in becoming a ref with C.Y.S.L.,  please contact our Ref Coordinator, Johnny Hoskins at  [email protected].

The 2019 CYSL Referee Clinic (class# 29326) is scheduled for the following dates at Toyon Middle School:

JULY 22, 23 & 25

Anyone wanting to become a Referee for this upcoming season. Cost for the class is $75.00 per person and will need to be paid to complete the registration process.

1) To sign up for the New Referee Class you will need to follow the link:

2) Click on "Click here."

3)  Find class # 29326 on the list for 2020 classes
2020 Referee: Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Course

4) Confirm that you have selected the correct course by verifying that the class is to take place on July 22, 23, and 25 at Toyon Middle School.  Then click on the link "Click here" under the course information.

To register for this course, please Click Here

5) You will need to create an account with USSF.  Keep track of your username and password, you will need it every time you login.

6) Follow the registration instructions for this course.  Payment is due upon completion, keep any confirmation information.